Camp Features and Curriculum

Outstanding Camp Experience

  • Personalized Attention and Big Brother/Sis Program
  • Extra Help Sessions & Reviews
  • Supervised Practices with Staff for your Team
  • Daily Team Building Activities
  • Complimentary Downloadable Music for all students and teams
  • Director Notebook of Resources Online
  • Credited Director Workshops
  • Extensive Routine Notes

Impressive Camp Awards

  • Home Routine Ribbons and Special Award Plaques
  • Daily Individual Ribbons with Personal Critiques for Each Student
  • Rising Star Ribbons for Beginning Students who Excel in Level 1-2 Classes
  • All-Star Performer Ribbons for Students who Excel in Level 3-5 Classes
  • Daily Team Spirit Awards Presented by Staff Members to All Deserving Groups
  • Honor Roll Medals for Most Outstanding All Star Performers
  • Ribbons & Plaques for Most Dedicated Teams at Camp
  • Superior and Grand Champion Trophies
  • Outstanding Performer Trophies and Medals
  • Most Admired/Spirited Team Voted by the Attending Groups
  • All American Performance Invitations to Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl



Motivational Team Building

M.A. has integrated team building activities into its curriculum. An important goal is to establish a sense of unity and camaraderie among team members. The games and activities we conduct have important educational messages and are fun for all participants. These team building techniques can be incorporated into your rehearsals.

Free Custom Routine Available!
We offer one free custom routine for teams that meet the following registration minimum. This custom routine would replace one normal curriculum routine.

8 + Color Guard members attending 1 free custom routines
5 + Twirling members attending 1 free custom routines

" We have been with Marching Auxiliaries for the past 18 years. Our camp experiences have always been both educational and fun. Personal attention is a priority with MA. Unlike many directors, I have patronized both their university location camps and private camps. Both are exceptional! Our field shows have been award-winning because the MA staff is extremely talented. Thanks MA!"
Barry Evans and Kevin Harry, Topeka West HS, Kansas
Expert Professional Instruction!

Preview Routines

At our auxiliary camps, directors and students will have the opportunity to preview all routines before selecting which ones to learn. Live demonstrations will be given before the start of each instructional session. Directors are encouraged to preview the summer routine video of the camp curriculum. Two routines are taught daily for majorettes, flags, rifles, and dancers.

•  Flags  •  Rifles  •  Twirlers  •  Dancers  •  Drum Majors


Our experienced instructors guarantee to provide your field commander with a leadership & conducting program that is sure to gain the respect of the entire marching band. We will offer a Level I course for beginning to intermediate drum majors and a Level II program for returning field commanders. The personal attention given by our staff produces award-winning drum majors at the regional, state, and national levels.

Our program includes:

  • Separate Programs for Levels I and II
  • Field and Concert Conducting Classes
  • Marching Fundamentals and Drill Downs
  • Score Reading Sessions
  • Daily Individual Evaluations and Awards
  • Grand Champion Competition
  • Awards for Most Improved Students
  • All American Selections
  • Rising Star Ribbons for Level I
  • Team Building Activities for the Marching Band
  • All Star Ribbons for Level II
  • Leadership Skill Building & Problem Solving Class
  • Vocal Commands and Innovative Salutes
  • Music Terminology
  • Honor Roll Selections
  • Optional Home Routine Evaluation



The MA twirling curriculum is tailored at each camp for every level twirler. Whether a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or competition majorette line, our championship staff will send you home a winner! In addition to the wonderful field routines taught to band arrangements from all the major publishing companies, M.A. will also offer routines to the most current CD music. Daily classes are offered emphasizing strut, tricks, roll and finger series, multiple turns, exchanges, body work, and much more. Our curriculum includes:

This year at camp, MA will offer:

  • Daily Twirling Basics for All Levels of Students
  • Daily Evaluation & Awards
  • Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Team Twirling Routines
  • Downfield Strut & Parade
  • Competition & Field Dance Twirls to CD & Band Arrangements
  • Awards for Most Improved
  • Optional Home Routine Competition
  • All Star & Honor Roll Awards
  • Special Classes on Body Work, Foot Work, & Dance Movement
  • Classes for 2 & 3 Baton
  • Sessions Emphasizing Turns, Rolls, Finger Series, & Exchanges
  • Grand Champion Competition
  • Classes on Competition Choreography
  • All American Invitations

Visit the website to view our extensive dance curriculum and to register your dancers for any camp.


  • Daily beginning, intermediate, and advanced fundamentals
  • Dynamic and visual flag, rifle football & pep rally routines
  • Great variety of new band arrangements and CD music
  • Two routines taught daily for each division and difficulty level
  • Daily body work, technique, and movement classes
  • Captain leadership and special choreography classes
  • Team building and motivational activities
  • Supervised practices & critiques with MA staff
  • Solo color guard competition (optional)
  • Home routine competition (optional)
  • Grand champion competition

At Marching Auxiliaries, we offer more routine material than any other company. Extensive routine notes and talk tapes are available for each routine. This year, we will concentrate on music terminology, listening to musical phrasing and developing choreographic skills. Marching Auxiliaries has a tradition of producing award-winning flag and rifle corps. Join us this summer for a fabulous camp experience!


Director Activities & Gifts


MA has planned a great workshop for attending directors as well as online resources.

Our comprehensive materials and resources include important information concerning:

  • teaching & polishing techniques
  • time management
  • team building
  • leadership & motivational activities
  • working with administrators
  • fund raisers
  • choreography
  • tryouts
  • costuming
  • competitions
  • constitutions .....and much much more!

A FREE SUMMER ROUTINE DVD will be given to groups bringing 8 or more to camp. Those bringing 3-7 students may order a video from the MA Central Office for $200.

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