Marching Auxiliaries of America was founded by Mike and Donna Mastandrea and has been in operation since 1976. Originally called "Majorettes of America", M.A. began as a small camp company specializing in instruction for twirlers. The first summer was a short one with only six camps and a staff of four. The following summer flags, rifles, and drum majors were added. The tour was lengthened to include ten states and a staff of eight people. In MA’s third year, the name was changed to "Marching Auxiliaries of America" so that all areas of instruction could be incorporated into the title. The third year also marked our first major expansion. Two staffs were sent out to a total of nineteen clinics. Drill/Dance team was added to round out the repertoire of instruction. The fourth year was one of rapid growth. Where camps in earlier years ranged in size from 35 - 100, we now had grown to as much as two or three hundred. In our fifth year, three staffs were employed to cover a major portion of the country.

Today, M.A. camps cover the entire United States. The company expanded from a predominantly summer business to a year round operation in 1983. In addition to summer camp instruction, Marching Auxiliaries also conducts regional competitions and a nationals compeition for flags, rifles and twirlers. winter competitions for dance teams, flag corps, rifle lines, winter guards and majorettes. Since 1984, Marching Auxiliaries has received national and international acclaim with the advent of the All American Performance Team. The company has provided half time entertainment at numberous college bowl games, marched in prestigious parades and has been featured at several world fairs on three continents.

MA Prides itself on providing a superior product that is always given with a professional but personal touch.

Marching Auxiliaries has experienced consistent growth by adhering to a simple philosophy...provide the best possible instruction in a friendly manner and recognize student achievement with a liberal awards system. The goal of an MA instructor is to not only develop personal and team skills, but to enhance the self-esteem of students. We want our students to have a wonderful experience.

Marching Auxilaries-
Just for the record, here are a few facts about Marching Auxiliaries that might interest you!

  1. Created the Choreography Award for Color Guards and Twirlers in competitions.
  2. Has produced a record number of Auxiliary Regional and National Champions.  We now include state of the art oral and video critiques for solo, ensemble and team performances on flash drives.
  3. Has provided the half-time entertainment for the past 31 years at several prestigious bowl games as well as the Maui Classic and the Opening Ceremonies of the World's Fairs in both Australia and Spain. In 2014-2015, MA will be involved in the choreography and performance for the half-time of the Capital One Bowl in Orlando and the pre-game and half-time shows for the Cotton Bowl Classic in Dallas. The Capital One Bowl will be televised on ESPN and the Cotton Bowl Classic aired on the FOX network. Twirlers, Flags, and Rifles will play significant roles in the choreography and production of both these special events.
  4. Has top guest choreographers/instructors teaching at its summer camps. Staff members are selected from all regions of the United States including elite organizations such as WGI, DCI, NBTA, and USTA.  In addition, extremely talented collegiate performers and distinguished high school and college marching band directors comprise our fabulous summer camp staff.
  5. Always begins resident camps with a live DEMO featuring our "All Star" staff        members to demonstrate their technical and performance abilities as well as some of the "cutting edge" choreography that will be offered during camp.
  6. Now our resident camps offer custom routine choreography for twirlers and color guards. In addition, our summer routine curriculum features all styles and difficulty levels and utilizes both CD/radio edits as well as marching band music available from all of the major publishing companies.
  7. Groups bringing 8 or more students to camp will receive a free routine DVD and a professionally recorded CD featuring the music of our Summer Camp curriculum.
  8. Conducts the most private camps for color guards and twirlers in the country. Teams selecting a private camp may choose from our semi-custom or full-custom camps. MA sends its top instructors to produce marching band shows which can include both drill and routine choreography. We have developed a reputation for producing award-winning field shows at many regional and state competitions. Our private staff of instructors include top college guard, twirling, and band directors with impeccable credentials.
  9. Hosts fabulous Regional Contests and a National Championship for winter guards, flags, rifles, and twirlers. Competition is offered for teams, small ensembles, and soloists in all categories and age divisions. 
  10. Boasts a fabulous website at and a Director Zone library section which features numerous articles, new team building ideas, trendy apparel, special event details, summer camp and contest information, and much more! Keep up    with Marching Auxiliaries on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for breaking news throughout the year!

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