National Video and Photos

Champion Photography

MA Dance is excited to feature Champion Image Photography again this year as our Nationals Event partner.
Champion offers a wide variety of photo imaging options and includes these outstanding features:

  • Live action expert event photography
  • Full screen laptop viewing of photos after your performance
  • On site professional printing
Check out their website at


Order your action photographs online from your recent MA competition at 5 Star Media
Questions about photographs and videos should be directed to 5 Star Media, (210)-787-0421.

Please note the following policy regarding video taping & photography for Nationals:
We are pleased to let you know that performances in all three performance areas will be professionally recorded and photographed. No Video Taping or photography will be allowed by teams or individuals attending the competition. Please be sure to make parents aware of this policy.


Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-977-7933 should you need further details. Attend an M.A. competition and "show us your stuff"!

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